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Hot weather garden care

As the weather gets hotter we all get a bit cheerier, and here are a few tips to keep your garden happy too!

Greenhouse Shade

Spray your greenhouse with shade paint or put up net shading to prevent overheating in hot spots

Shorter Trims

Lower the blades on your mower for shorter grass through the summer unless the weather is very dry

Resilient Lawns

Don't panic about watering your grass, it can be surprisingly resilient and excellent at dealing with a lack of water

Fertilise Soil

Adding organic matter up to a depth of about 25mm into your soil can dramatically increase its moisture holding capacity.

Timing Watering

It's best to water your plants early in the morning or in the evening as the sun shining through water can cause damage to the leaves

Water The Right Plants

Speaking of water, surface rooting vegetables will require more water but nothing much changes for deeper rooting plants.

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