Highway Christmas Inspiration Leaflet

Looking for ideas on how to make this Christmas extra special?

This year, we've put together a leaflet for you highlighting some of our most exciting products & deals! We want to do everything we can to give you & your family the magical Christmas you've all been hoping for. The store's all set, the elves have arrived, all we need now is you!

Have a flick through our digital leaflet just below and see what you can spot! If the product featured is available online, you'll be able to click or tap on it and head right to the product page. Anything you like the look of but can't click or tap, you'll be able to find in our transformed Winter Wonderland store (and I think you deserve a Christmas Carvery while you're there!).

Use the left and right arrows to navigate pages or the arrow keys on your keyboard, and click on a product to visit the product page. To zoom in, use the scroll bar at the bottom of the viewer, or double click the area you would like to zoom in on (try to avoid areas with products).

For best results, tap the centre of the viewer to make full screen, and turn your device landscape. Use the left and right arrows on the edge of the viewer or swipe to navigate pages, and tap, then tap on a product to visit the product page. To zoom in, pinch your screen and move your fingers apart.

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