Gender Pay Report 2018

Highway Garden & Leisure is a trading name of Roys (Wroxham) LTD. The following data is representative of the Roys company as a whole, not just the Highway Garden & Leisure branch.

Roys (Wroxham) Ltd is committed to the principles of equal pay for all our employees. We strive to eliminate gender bias in our pay and remuneration systems and understand that equal pay between men and women is a moral obligation and a legal right in accordance with the Equalities Act 2010. We are confident that men and women are paid equally for equivalent jobs across our business.

The information we are required to publish is detailed below (previous year in brackets):

Gender Pay Gap

Mean 15.9 (16.7%)

Median 0% (0%)

Our analysis of the gender pay gap shows that the overwhelming reason for the hourly pay gaps is the fact that there are more men in senior higher paying roles within the business. This analysis is supported by the fact that our median hourly pay gaps is zero and by the quartile distribution below.

Bonus Pay Gap

Mean 25.6% (23.9%)

Median 0% (0%)

Our analysis of the gender pay gap shows two reasons for the bonus pay gap; there are more men in senior higher paying roles and a higher proportion of men than women are full time employed. Bonus was paid as an equal proportion of the individuals take home pay, accordingly those who worked more hours and were paid higher rates of pay had larger bonus payments reflecting their greater contribution to the success of the business.

Employees Receiving Bonus Payments

Males 95.3% (91.5%)

Females 97.8% (91.2%)

We are pleased to report that the vast majority of our employees, both men and women, received bonus pay last year.

Quartile Distribution





39.7% (40.4%)

60.3% (59.6%)

Lower Middle

23.8% (22.9%)

76.2% (77.1%)

Upper Middle

23.8% (22.9%)

76.2% (77.1%)


48.7% (46%)

51.3% (54%)

Our greater representation of women in lower quartiles in part reflects the success of our flexible working policies in supporting women. These lower pay populations also represent a significant talent pool for us to develop our leaders of tomorrow.

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